How to Fix Chrome Update Error: ‘Update failed (error: 7)’

Published in: Chrome, Quick Tips

Under windows, I faced this error more than once and I know at least a dozen people who had the same problem. Most people take the more drastic measure by re-installing Chrome, but there is an easier fix for this annoying and common problem.

One of the main selling points of chrome is its silent background update feature. In order for this to work seamlessly (at least on windows OS), is to have a service running in the background all the time. The name of this service is ‘googleupdate.exe’, but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to work as it’s intended sometimes.
Which is why you get ‘error 7’ when you go to “About Google Chrome” and it automatically checks for update. The obvious easy fix is to force close ‘googleupdate.exe’ from task manager and then go to “About Google Chrome” to make chrome check for update. It should work without any problem. Another thing to note is that not all the update related errors look the same and they might sometimes spit out different types of error, but the fix to all these errors are the same. Hopefully, Google will look into it and get it fixed.


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