My Manifesto

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Growing up, I didn’t have a father around or a role model I could look up to for guidance, advice or a set of values to follow. It also didn’t help that I became a non-believer very early in my life. So for the longest time, I was a very lost person. I didn’t know what I should be doing with my limited time in this world. I guess you could call it an existential crisis.

Being hyper aware of the true nature of our existence can be very empowering and scary at the same time. I started writing down a set of rules and values I should be following. A Personal Manifesto. It went through many iterations, refined from my life experiences and some ideas borrowed from others with whom I could relate to and values I could identify with. What you see below is my Personal Manifesto in its current form.


Accept the inevitable. You and everyone you have ever known in your life will die. After you die there is nothing. Accept that you will always have problems in your life. Worrying about it will not make any difference. Once you are at peace with the inevitable and your limitations then you can concentrate and work towards things that are within your control.


Have very specific goals in your life and work towards them. Don’t make your goals too difficult or too easy, but something that you are passionate about and will take a decent amount of effort to work on it, so much so that you can get lost in the process of going after it.

Friends & Family

Quality is more important than quantity. Stay with those who makes you a better person and cut those out who drags you down with them. A relationship is a two-way street, it’s just as important to give love and helping hands to those in need. You can’t do it alone.


When you accept the inevitability of your death, the value of time becomes far more important to you. There is not enough time to do everything that you ever wanted to do. Choose consciously how and on what you are going to spend your time.


Take care of your body not because you want to live a longer life, you don’t have control over that, but because you want to stay healthy as long as you live.


Travel as often as you can. All the material things, money, education and knowledge in the world can not substitute for the amazing experience of traveling and experiencing a new culture, food, and lifestyle.


Read Often. With each story in your books, you get to live another life.

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