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5 Reasons Why I Think Ubuntu Edge is a Brilliant Move

by pavs | July 25, 2013 | Published in: Linux, Ubuntu


As of this writing, Ubuntu Edge funding have reached $5.6M out of their audacious $32M goal. If they reach their funding goal, it will be the single largest crowdfunded product yet. Its been a little over 2 days since Ubuntu launched their funding campaign and it still too early to tell if they can reach their goal, but there is no lack of naysayers about the project. Some of them are valid criticisms, but I think most people are missing the point of this project; and in all I think crowdsourcing Ubuntu Edge, instead of self financing it, is a brilliant move and here is why:

In the end the Linux and FOSS community needs to put their money where their mouth is. Its not everyday that you get to help put Linux in the mainstream market. The Ubuntu community alone is big enough to finance this project, the FOSS community is even bigger. I suspect, this project will get financed, if it doesn’t, to me it would be bit of a tragedy.


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