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How To Prevent a Specific Ubuntu Package From Updating

by pavs | October 2, 2015

Sometimes newer version of popular packages may no longer support older config options. So either you have to painstakingly port all the old config options to the new ones, or hold off from updating the applications at all. One way to do it would be only upgrade the packages that you do want to upgrade like this: apt-get install --only-upgrade packagename, but the problem with this way of upgrading individual packages is that you there is always a chance that you might accidentally do a full upgrade like this (like I usually do) apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.

So its better to put these packages on hold so that they don’t show up on update notifications at all. Like this: sudo apt-mark hold packagename and this way there is no chance that you might accidentally do an upgrade on packages that you don’t want to upgrade. You can also easily unhold a package like this: sudo apt-mark unhold packagename. To find out all the packages that has been put on hold, you grep your installed packages for “hold” keyword, like this:

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Remote Desktop with SSH Tunneling

by pavs | November 4, 2014

Screenshot from 2014-11-04 16:54:14

One of my client’s requirement is to have a Ubuntu server with a Desktop Environment. Once in a while he will call me up to look at some problem he is having with one of his GUI based application. Its not always possible for me to be physically be there to see what the problem is, so I use a trick that have saved me many times in the past. Its simply a remote desktop with SSH Tunneling, its very simple and easy to set it up. As the name suggest you will need SSH access for this to work.

First you will have to install x11vnc on the remote desktop that you are trying to log in to sudo apt-get install x11vnc and then create a tunnel using SSH ssh user@ip_address -L 5900:localhost:5900 "x11vnc -display :0 -noxdamage" now you can use a VNC client like ‘Remote Desktop Viewer’ to connect to localhost:5900 and you should be able to access your remote desktop. The quality of the display may or may not be ideal but its still simpler and quicker than setting up 100 firewall rules for a VNC server or setting up teamviewer.

Give it a try and let me know how it went.

How to Fix Chrome Update Error: ‘Update failed (error: 7)’

by pavs | November 23, 2013

Under windows I faced this error more than once and I know at least a dozen people who had the same problem. Most people take the more drastic measure by re-installing Chrome, but there is an easier fix for this annoying and common problem.

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5 Reasons Why I Think Ubuntu Edge is a Brilliant Move

by pavs | July 25, 2013


As of this writing, Ubuntu Edge funding have reached $5.6M out of their audacious $32M goal. If they reach their funding goal, it will be the single largest crowdfunded product yet. Its been a little over 2 days since Ubuntu launched their funding campaign and it still too early to tell if they can reach their goal, but there is no lack of naysayers about the project. Some of them are valid criticisms, but I think most people are missing the point of this project; and in all I think crowdsourcing Ubuntu Edge, instead of self financing it, is a brilliant move and here is why:
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6 of My Favorite Geeky Sub-Reddits

by pavs | July 18, 2013


I spend an unhealthy amount of time on reddit and I keep telling myself that the time spent on reddit is not wasted since I am learning something new almost everyday. See, your experience with reddit with wildly differ depending on the sub-reedits you are subscribed to. If you stick with the default sub-redits, you will soon find yourself reading stale and meme-filled posts, but if you take your time to curate your sub-reddits, your experience with reddit will vastly improve.

Here are 6 of my favorite geeky sub-reddit, geeky in the sense that I am always learning something new and its not limited to technology.

1. /r/askscience:

By far my favorite sub-reddit. Its all about to-the-point scientific questions and answers. Free of speculations and meme posts, those kind of posts are ruthlessly deleted by the mods. There is an official panel-list of users who are knowledgeable and specialist of certain fields. But everyone can answer as long as you know your stuff and can provide citation when asked.     Read more ›

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