The Social Media Echo Chamber Hell

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Not all hell is made of fire, some are made of an abyss with no way of pulling yourself out of it. With Social media’s it’s like jumping from one abyss to another. There is a common internet trope, the idea that if you are self-aware enough to understand the dangers of social media you should be able to know when to stop and it should be fairly easy to do so. I am sure it is true for some people, but I can’t imagine it is true for most people.

The Dangers of Social Media:

Social media sites pose more than one form of danger, it’s not always easy to identify the scope, intention or the scale of the dangers. Let’s start with the obvious ones:

What about those of us who understand the pitfalls of social media? I can speak for myself and I can tell you that it has not been easy. No, I have not deleted my facebook account or twitter account. As a matter of fact, this website has it’s own facebook page and twitter account. It is very difficult to keep in touch with your family who doesn’t live in the same country or in the same city. I will log in once or twice a month – to get the gist of whats going on with their lives and they all have my phone number and they are welcome to call me when they want. WordPress makes auto posts to twitter and facebook so I don’t have to log in to make those posts on my social media pages.

If it is hard for someone like me, who is self-aware of the pitfalls of social media, I can’t imagine who hard it might be for people who don’t. And for social media sites, those are the actual eye-ball they really want for their advertisers.

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