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17 Self-Driving Cars Will Be a Game Changer

24 FFmpeg 4.0 “Wu” is here
24 How To Mount Remote File Systems Over SSH
15 How To Hide Your Bash Command History
9 The Social Media Echo Chamber Hell
6 Converting Mp4 to WebM using FFmpeg
2 Hide MacOS Desktop icons using CLI

27 How to enable ALPN on NGINX
27 Why I am not too enthusiastic about AMP
20 How not to store user passwords
18 5 Tips to Learn Any Programming Language
1 How to auto redirect to HTTPS links

28 Why wanting to learn programming can be so overwhelming


14 How to flush DNS cache on Mac OSX
9 How to Automate SSH login
8 Why I Think IT Certifications are Overrated

23 Online Privacy Doesn’t Exist

31 It’s the 5-Year Anniversary


4 How to Recover Deleted Files in Linux

25 Termdown: CLI Countdown timer and stopwatch

25 Using to-do lists alone won’t make you more productive
24 5 youtube-dl tips you might not know about
7 Cloudflare: Making the internet a little bit faster – for a select group of people
4 Starting an ISP is really hard – How we became profitable
1 There is still time to save online advertisement

31 Starting an ISP is really hard, don’t do it
28 Speed up your Ubuntu updates with apt-fast
21 How to sleep in a digital world
17 CloudFlare is ruining the internet (for me)
13 How to enable TRIM support for Hackintosh


2 How To Prevent a Specific Ubuntu Package From Updating


4 Remote Desktop with SSH Tunneling


25 5 Reasons Why I Think Ubuntu Edge is a Brilliant Move
18 6 of My Favorite Geeky Sub-Reddits
17 PRISM: We are fighting the wrong battle.

30 How to use the internet in a post-prism world
19 VPS Review: DigitalOcean

26 Quick Tip: How to check if your wordpress site is under bruteforce attack
21 Why I don’t think Flickr’s 1TB storage offer is such a big deal
16 Host your own dropbox-like cloud backup service under 5 minutes
12 Quick Tip: How to change nginx server header using varnish

21 I am not even mad that Google canceled Reader
8 Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy
3 HowTo Setup a VPN in Under 5 Minutes

26 Google Glass is a Privacy Nightmare
23 Why I Never Had a Virus/Malware In My Windows Computer In 12 Years
20 Everything You Need To Know About Low End Box
17 Self-Host Everything
16 Why All Browsers Should Move to WebKit
13 In 2013 “Year of Linux Desktop” Will Stop Being a Cliché
12 How To Make Your Browser Use Less Memory
11 10 Must Have Sublime Text Packages and Themes
7 How to get Google Apps For Free
3 Using Crafty Chess Engine to Benchmark Your Hardware

26 8 Features Unique to Opera Browser
26 What It’s Like To Be An Ubuntu User In The Linux world
21 Explain to me like I am 10: What is Linux?
10 12 Interesting Penetration Testing Linux Distros
6 Unplug From Google
1 My First Encounter with a Computer Virus


27 10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions
26 Create Your Own Custom Ubuntu-based Linux Distro
24 First Look into Firefox OS
23 How to Emulate Android on Your Desktop Using Android SDK
22 Enlightenment Window Manager (E17) is Ready After 12 Years
22 How to Unban Yourself from Denyhosts and fail2ban
9 Quick Tip: Package Manager for Cygwin

15 How to be completely Anonymous online
12 Reset Linux Root password in under 5 minutes
9 Reset Windows password with Linux in under 5 minutes
8 5 features Opera Browser did first
2 How to do a quick benchmark for your Linux server

26 2 Terminal video downloader for Linux systems

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