How To Hide Your Bash Command History

It’s probably not a good idea to completely turn off bash history, one of the reasons bash history exists as a reference to mistakes or useful past commands you can’t recall. But there are also legitimate reasons who don’t want to log some bash commands for security or privacy reasons. Here are 3 ways you can temporarily turn off bash history logging:

The Social Media Echo Chamber Hell

Not all hell is made of fire, some are made of an abyss with no way of pulling yourself out of it. With Social media’s it’s like jumping from one abyss to another. There is a common internet trope, the idea that if you are self-aware enough to understand the dangers of social media you should be able to know when to stop and it should be fairly easy to do so.

Converting Mp4 to WebM using FFmpeg

For the longest time (still is to a smaller extent), gif ruled the interweb of video-based memes. But the problem with gif is they slow to load files are usually much larger than a file of the same video with a lower quality and slow loading. Even with large bandwidth gif file tends to load slower. One solution, though probably not the original intention, was to use WebM format.

Hide MacOS Desktop icons using CLI

One of my biggest pet peeves is clutter. I could very well have OCD (though not formally diagnosed). I often find myself spending an insane amount of time organizing things or optimizing thing (ie, page load of this site), which could have very well been spent on things more important, like actually writing articles.

How to enable ALPN on NGINX

LPN (Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation) is a TLS extension that allows an efficient way to negotiate encrypted traffic between the browser and the server. In order to enable ALPN on a server, a web server needs to have HTTPS configured and support the HTTP/2 protocol. ALPN doesn’t provide any additional security benefit over HTTPS, it allows a browser to take advantage of speed benefit of HTTP/2 by lowering the initial handshake latency.

Why I am not too enthusiastic about AMP

According to Google, the whole point of AMP is for mobile users to have fast access to websites without users having to worry about large data usage or load time. There is also issues with websites having pop-up ads, too many external/internal javascript loading, which causes websites to become slow and run background process even after initial loading.

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