I write about things that interest me, I try to stick with topics on the geeky side of things, which might include programming, HowTos and my personal take on emerging technologies. My personal background is mostly Linux as a system admin, more specifically web service optimization for really high traffic. But over the years I have taught myself web-stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) and more general purpose language like JAVA, Android development, python. I also have many years of experience dealing with large-scale data storage solution with high throughput and networking infrastructure, including home-cooked DDOS mitigation using GRE Tunnel. I also ran several businesses in the ISP/IT sector. My recent fascination is machine learning and cryptocurrency. Currently, I am on a sabbatical, thinking about spending my time on things that don’t stress me out.

English is not my first language and I am often lazy with proofreading. Please excuse my oversights.

I don’t do sponsored posts, paid-reviews, link-share or anything of that nature.

Email me: svap.geek@gmail.com

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