What It’s Like To Be An Ubuntu User In The Linux world

Published in: Linux

I really wish tech blogs would stop promoting Ubuntu. How about Debian proper or any other distro that hasn’t bastardized and broken so much of Debian.

If you ever write anything positive about Ubuntu or even mention using Ubuntu this is the type of reply you are likely to get. I have used quite a few distros out there but I stuck with Ubuntu because I like the fact that it is frequently updated and it’s trying to do something different from every mom and pop distros out there. Not only on Desktop environment, even in server environment Ubuntu is my default choice now. Mention that to any sysadmin and they are likely to wince at your choice.

It shouldn’t be like this. Ubuntu single-handedly did more to make Linux a popular (relatively speaking) choice in the desktop environment than any Linux Distro in the history of its existence.

Ubuntu is popular because it’s easy to use, a lot of effort are made to make it look good (whether you actually like how it looks is subjective), extremely newbie-friendly both the community and the distro; you can’t say the same about most other Linux distribution out there. So whats with all the hate?

Most importantly, why should Linux community worry or fight over what Linux distribution you use as long as you are using a Linux distribution that you like and enjoy? Isn’t that the whole point of having a choice that open source community so proudly points out as one of the highlights of open source software?

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