6 of My Favorite Geeky Sub-Reddits

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I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Reddit and I keep telling myself that the time spent on Reddit is not wasted since I am learning something new almost every day. See, your experience with Reddit with wildly differ depending on the sub-reedits you are subscribed to. If you stick with the default subreddits, you will soon find yourself reading stale and meme-filled posts, but if you take your time to curate your subreddits, your experience with Reddit will vastly improve.

Here are 6 of my favorite geeky subreddit, geeky in the sense that I am always learning something new and it’s not limited to technology.

1. /r/askscience:

By far my favorite subreddit. It’s all about to-the-point scientific questions and answers. Free of speculations and meme posts, that kind of posts are ruthlessly deleted by the mods. There is an official panelist of users who are knowledgeable and specialists in certain fields. But everyone can answer as long as you know your stuff and can provide citations when asked.

2. /r/todayilearned:

This subreddit is about something you learned today, but it has to be some specific facts instead of broad opinion or something that might be subject to interpretation. I have learned a lot of new facts that absolutely blew me away.

3. /r/lifeprotips:

Bite-size life hacks to improve your life. Simple googlable tips are discouraged. I myself have found plenty of tips to improve my day to day life.

4. /r/changemyview:

This subreddit is about changing your personal views on something, you think might not be right but you don’t have enough solid argument against that view. Excellent place to have a meaningful discussions about controversial topics and learn something in the process.

5. /r/explainlikeIamfive:

A subreddit for layman-friendly answers to complex questions, but it’s not limited to science-related topics. Though I feel that it’s more like “Explain to me like I am 10” after reading most of the answers because I feel like some questions have too much depth to be explained like you are 5. Either way, excellent subreddit.

6. /r/AskHistorians:

This is a relatively new subreddit. As the name suggests, this sub is about historical questions. Like /r/askscience this sub also has an official panelist who is specialized on certain historical topics. Great place to learn about historical facts that you never even thought of asking or something you always wanted to know.

There are lots of other interesting subreddits out there, feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

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