Why All Browsers Should Move to WebKit

As a web developer, I know the pains of trying to work around kinks to support all variations of all major browsers to have a unified look, feel, and performance. Even though today the top browsers do a better job at supporting and implementing new web-standards it’s far from a perfect situation. So when I […]

8 Features Unique to Opera Browser

Opera can’t seem to get a break. They get to make all these browser innovations and come up with original ideas and still sits at the bottom of the barrel in browser usage stats. In some ways Opera browser is a lot like Linux; they are really good (some could argue that they are the […]

5 features Opera Browser did first

With all the recent rumors about Facebook buying Opera it might be hard for non-opera users to understand why Opera might be valuable enough product for Facebook to consider buying. Well, for starters Opera Mini is still the numero uno mobile browser out there. Probably it won’t stay there for long as it has some […]

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