Why I am not too enthusiastic about AMP

According to Google, the whole point of AMP is for mobile users to have fast access to websites without users having to worry about large data usage or load time. There is also issues with websites having pop-up ads, too many external/internal javascript loading, which causes websites to become slow and run background process even after initial loading.

I am not even mad that Google canceled Reader

There seems to be a lot of misplaced anger towards Google for deciding to cancel Reader. I say misplaced because if you think about it there isn’t any reason to be angry about it; here is why:

Google Glass is a Privacy Nightmare

Hear me out, before you nerd out and get all defensive about Google Glass. Are you ok with the government installing cameras everywhere in major cities of the world? Initially, most of you probably had a serious problem with this, but eventually, you have come to accept the world where you are on camera 24/7 […]

Unplug From Google

If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold. – blue_beetle There are more than a 100 Google products out there. Most of them are free or have a dumbed-down free version of their commercial product. This is an exact opposite business model of how Microsoft (their biggest […]

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