Self-Driving Cars Will Be a Game Changer

I don’t think most people appreciate how big of a deal self-driving cars will be when it is commercially available. When I talk about self-driving I mean fully autonomous car without any driver assistance, not driver assists system like “AutoPilot” in Tesla cars or Cruise Automation for GM and many other out there.

Why I Think IT Certifications are Overrated

IT certifications will probably help you weed out the absolutely hopeless to the probably hopeful prospect – and that’s about it. When it comes out to actual job relevance I found certifications to be largely useless. Experience, on the other hand, can be tremendously valuable. I will take someone who knows the ins and outs of a Networking OS (ie, Cisco IOS) and Linux – over someone who has certification any day of the week.

Cloudflare: Making the internet a little bit faster – for a select group of people

When I wrote my previous article on Cloudflare, and how it craps all over my daily internet browsing and possibly millions of others, most of the responses I got was skepticism with a healthy dose of justification. Either, it’s my fault for being born and living in a country that is not on the favorable […]

There is still time to save online advertisement

Even though I have Ads on this blog, I have absolute disgust towards online ads in general, in its current form. I wish there was a middle ground where online content could be monetized without compromising reading experience, getting malware through ads, having slow browsing speed, and fear of being tracked all the time. It’s […]

Starting an ISP is really hard, don’t do it

After reading Arstechnica’s excellent article on internet infrastructure and what goes on behind the scene to bring the internet to your home, I have a newfound respect for all the ISPs I have used in the past and the ISP business I am running now. Most of the stuff mentioned in the Ars article is […]

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