Termdown: CLI Countdown timer and stopwatch

I like to do my work in small timed chunks. I follow the Pomodoro method, the idea is that you spend 25 minutes focused work on whatever that you want to work on and then take a break for 5-10 minutes then go for another 25-30 minute chunk. Working this way helps me get more done. In this hyperactive, hyperconnected, tab-switching, window-swapping, instant-notification popping work environment; constant distraction is a way of life.

Using to-do lists alone won’t make you more productive

I am a productive junkie for as long as I can remember. I started with simple text files written in notepad and slowly my obsession with to-do lists morphed into wanting to try almost every single to-do lists out there. Over the years after many failed attempts of switching from one to-do apps to another, […]

How to sleep in a digital world

It’s bad enough that I am a light sleeper. A small noise or a change in temperature can often wake me up and it can be very difficult for me to go back to sleep. I know some people who can just lie on the bed and easily fall asleep in a matter of minutes. […]

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