Termdown: CLI Countdown timer and stopwatch

I like to do my work in small timed chunks. I follow the Pomodoro method, the idea is that you spend 25 minutes focused work on whatever that you want to work on and then take a break for 5-10 minutes then go for another 25-30 minute chunk. Working this way helps me get more done. In this hyperactive, hyperconnected, tab-switching, window-swapping, instant-notification popping work environment; constant distraction is a way of life.

5 youtube-dl tips you might not know about

youtube-dl is a python based command line video downloader that just works. Despite its name would suggest, youtube-dl downloads more than just youtube videos, it currently supports more than 800 online video and audio sites. If you are using a desktop app or web app to download videos now, chances are it’s using youtube-dl in […]

Speed up your Ubuntu updates with apt-fast

As far as package manager goes apt-get is perhaps the most popular and well-liked package managers out there. One of the reasons Debian and Debian based distributions are so popular is because how ridiculous convenient the package management is. Having said that speed probably not one of the bright spots of apt-get. It’s mostly because […]

Remote Desktop with SSH Tunneling

One of my client’s requirement is to have a Ubuntu server with a Desktop Environment. Once in a while, he will call me up to look at some problem he is having with one of his GUI based application. It’s not always possible for me to physically be there to see what the problem is, […]

How to Fix Chrome Update Error: ‘Update failed (error: 7)’

Under windows, I faced this error more than once and I know at least a dozen people who had the same problem. Most people take the more drastic measure by re-installing Chrome, but there is an easier fix for this annoying and common problem.

Quick Tip: How to check if your wordpress site is under bruteforce attack

There has been a lot of talks recently about WordPress sites being under brute-force attacks on admin login form by dumb bots. It’s mostly because a default WordPress install doesn’t have a lockout feature for the wrong password, you will need a plugin for that. I use Wordfence to lock out/ban any IP who had […]

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