Online Privacy Doesn’t Exist

There was a time when I was nieve enough to think that there are tools you can use – TOR, VPN, Opensource Operating Systems, encryption – that would protect us from nefarious state players, organizations and black hats. But once you are in the middle of it all, meaning once you start running an ISP, you get to see things under a different light.

Cloudflare: Making the internet a little bit faster – for a select group of people

When I wrote my previous article on Cloudflare, and how it craps all over my daily internet browsing and possibly millions of others, most of the responses I got was skepticism with a healthy dose of justification. Either, it’s my fault for being born and living in a country that is not on the favorable […]

CloudFlare is ruining the internet (for me)

Follow up: Cloudflare: Making the internet a little bit faster – for a select group of people CloudFlare is a very helpful service if you are a website owner and don’t want to deal with separate services for CDN, DNS, basic DDOS protection and other (superficial) security needs. You can have all these services in […]

Self-Host Everything

In today’s world, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about your privacy and your data. We live in a time when the government is fighting to have unrestricted access to your digital life. You no longer have privacy or even exclusive rights to your own data, if you are using a free platform, doubly […]

Why All Browsers Should Move to WebKit

As a web developer, I know the pains of trying to work around kinks to support all variations of all major browsers to have a unified look, feel, and performance. Even though today the top browsers do a better job at supporting and implementing new web-standards it’s far from a perfect situation. So when I […]

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