Host your own dropbox-like cloud backup service under 5 minutes

Over the years, we have all come to love and depend on dropbox for its seamless and no-nonsense sync and backup feature. Even now after all these years when there are so many cloud services out there with bigger storages backed by big companies, I would still recommend dropbox as a first choice. Having said […]

HowTo Setup a VPN in Under 5 Minutes

I don’t like the idea of relying on VPN specific services for your VPN needs. I think if you do care about your privacy you should self-host it; considering how cheap VPN servers are these day and how easy setting up a VPN server is. LowEndServers have many options and so many locations that you […]

Reset Linux Root password in under 5 minutes

If you are horrified to find out how easy it is to reset a Windows password you are in for a treat. To reset Linux root password you don’t even need a live distro. Going with “if you have physical access to a computer all bets are off“ philosophy. Resetting the Linux root password is […]

Reset Windows password with Linux in under 5 minutes

This post is not about pointing out one OS’s security deficiency over other or trying to make some fanboy points with Linux users. The simple fact is once you have physical access to a computer all bets are off. This is true for all OS (to some extend) but some are easier to crack than […]

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