5 features Opera Browser did first

With all the recent rumors about Facebook buying Opera it might be hard for non-opera users to understand why Opera might be valuable enough product for facebook to consider buying. Well, for starters Opera Mini is still the numero uno mobile browser out there. Probably it won’t stay there for long as it has some serious competition from android and ios built-in default browser. But considering the fact that Opera doesn’t have it’s own OS to inflate its user adoption, its a pretty big accomplishment.

But Opera is not only known for its mobile usage its also famous for many desktop browser innovations that has been copied by others that we now take for granted. Like the famous South Park episode “Simpsons Already Did It” it has become a meme of sorts among Opera users when they see features being copied by other browsers. As they say: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Lets look at 5 of the top browser innovations by Opera that has been copied by others that we now take for granted:

1) Browser tabs:

The idea of tabs in browser was first implemented in Opera before tabs were cool. Remember having 10-15 browser windows open for each webpage you visited? That used to be norm until Opera changed all that. The first implementation of tabs by opera was done in 1994 and it was MDI type tabs (think mIRC) not the fancy ones we use now. But the fancy ones (tabs on top) was also implemented by Opera first in 2000 and the rest was history…

2) Speed Dial:

Opera first release Speed dial feature in Oct. 25, 2007 with 9.50 beta 1 the final release was on Jun. 12, 2008. Speed dial displays your most visited pages in the form of thumbnails.

This might not seem like something special to you because all across the board every single major browser copied this feature and implemented it. You are so used to it and take it for granted that you don’t see the novelty on this feature or know who implemented it first.

3)Pop-up Blocker:

Kids these days don’t realize how good they have it. There used to be a time when it was unimaginable to browse internet without pop-ups. It was so bad that they used to sell stand alone software (just like anti-virus) to stop pop-ups and even they were horrible at it. In came Opera with pop-up blocker built-in to the browser and forever changed web browsing (or rather made it saner). As usual every other browser copied this feature.

4)Browser Sessions:

Browser sessions is the ability to go back to your previous state of browsing after you closed your browser, accidentally or intentionally. Opera was not only the first to implement this feature but also (still) has the most customizable option of this feature, including the ability to open your last session on a different computer.

5)Delete private Data:

Another feature that we take for granted today is the ability to delete private data from your browsing sessions. Of course with the introduction of incognito mode by chrome it makes private browsing easier. The need for granular or wholesale ability to delete some or all browsing sessions is still very much useful. And this very useful feature was first introduced by Opera in 2000 with version 4.

But why?

“But why?” is something you will often see associated with Opera. Its not clear why, despite being the first to implement all these ground breaking features, Opera still holds a pathetic browsing market share. The general consensus seems to be that opera is unlucky along with making some bad business decisions. Like making the browser ad-supported and commercial product for a brief period in its history. But somehow that commercial tag stuck with Opera and they never fully recovered. Opera is not only a free browser today like all other top browsers out there, but still to this date continues to innovate with almost every release. You should most definitely give it a shot and judge for yourself.

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  • Misthiocracy

    I try out all the different browsers every year or so, to see which one I want to use. I’ve stuck with Chrome for a while now, cuz webkit-based browsers still seem to beat Opera on speed. But over time the difference is less remarkable as Chrome adds more bloat.

  • Riordan

    , the fastest browser (Safari isn’t!) Yes, other browsers, have got copied Opera, however, there share is much more successful only due fact that they’re made by very popular, large, successful companies (Google, , Apple). And Firefox is, I don’t know,you don’t hear much much about Mozilla, but you know;) Opera is amazing! They started it all!

  • José

    Finally some justice to opera :$ I use it since version 10 and i love it ^^ and now the release of Opera 12 is near, it’s in Release Candidate :P

  • http://twitter.com/Nigh7mar3 Nightmare

    You missed some important and some less important features Opera created for all:
    – opera link ( sync your bookmarks, preferences, speed dial, history etc )
    – mouse gestures
    – search in address bar ( ex. g searchsomething )
    – search field in browser
    – zoom
    – userjs
    – voice ( actually I think is been removed )

    Opera does not have market share because of advertising.

    IE is on all windows
    Safari on all mac
    Firefox was sponsored for a long time by Google ( 1 euro to adsense publisher every installation ) + adv every on their site.
    Chrome … I need to explain? google homepage and everywhere google can.

    Opera? maybe spent lot of money in research, not so much for adv.

    • wots

      -Download manager (ability to pause)
      Plus all other features that other browsers don’t have,
      -Torrent client
      -IRC client
      -e-mail client
      -RSS reader

  • Francois

    Must say that Opera is the best browser for me via mobile, because I dont have a smart- or Android phone (yet) its the fastest and cheapest. Hope to use you for many years to come. Thank you OPERA

  • Eggman891

    – mouse gestures

    Single-handedly the most awesome thing ever.

    Also don’t forget about the ability to instantly restore closed tabs by hitting Ctrl-Z. (or by looking in the trashcan list).

    As an Opera user, I never really realise how many of these little quirks I take for granted until I use Chrome at work. Chrome is an equally impressive browser, but a lot of the flicks and tricks that I can do with Opera are missing in chrome, and it ruins the experience for me somewhat when using it (Chrome).

  • Tidus

    I Use Opera 12 Beta
    Improved a lot in it, put compatible with facebook videoconferencing, and has as create their own theme…

  • Álvaro
  • ReTox

    Opera simply rocks. I use it from the first free version.

    • Antispy

      I already use a crack to remove that :) but now i use it,

      • Antispy

        legally :)

  • bazyl

    Features are not everything. Apparently that’s the least important.
    THE MOST important is

    a) looks
    b) stability
    c) performance

    On first two Opera simply suck. On performance – well. It has its moments. But benchmarking isn’t everything.

    In other words. The problem Opera has is releasing a lot of features out of which NONE is stable, polished etc.

    • Adrian

      You are simple wrong on all 3 points. You should better use Opera for a while before judging.

      I simple switched back to Opera, because Firefox/Thunderbird became more and more bloated and slower with every version. Add the need to install a lot of extension until you have the out-of-box experience with Opera. And Chrome … well, lack of features (I appreciate).

      • bazyl

        I was. I was also developing it :) I worked in Opera Software in Opera Desktop department

        • Boredom

          Opera is unstable? Who the heck would make that claim. Chrome turns years of Tab Browsing down the drain and just opens new sessions all over the place and Firefox’s UI is written with a slow memory hogging javascript engine.

          But your list is utterly wrong anyways… this is the CORRECT list

          1) HYPE. It doesn’t matter about what, just HYPE anything! Claim that releasing a major version change every few weeks when you only added a single feature proves you’re totally awesome… it’s HYPE baby.

          2) MUDSLINGING. Firefox got to where it is because of an underground advertising movement where blatant lies were spread about the current state of IE6 (along with webpages intentionally breaking IE6).

          3) FEATURES! I love the new chrome commercial, Google blatantly acts like it invented the web by advertising the HTML4 features of Chrome as if “You could never do this without Chrome.” Opera needs more “features” like… Javascript! (Oh wait, it has it? Then the opera dev team needs to let other people know!)

          4) IMAGE. No one really knows what image is, but it is what makes windows computers lame and Mac Computers cool.

          5) STUPID PEOPLE. Nothing upsets me more than someone removing the IE Shortcuts and renaming Firefox / Chrome “Internet Explorer.” But it is THOSE stupid people that make those browsers popular. See, once you tell one stupid person they have to tell another stupid person, pretty soon you’re in the millions of stupid people who yell at others for still using IE (with absolutely no evidence to the claims as to why Firefox is better).

          Acting like Opera isn’t stable… and then acting like that is the reason it isn’t popular. Meh!

  • http://Merantau ajie.anthonny

    Semuax met pagi

  • http://davidramirez.posterous.com Davinken

    At work, under Fedora Linux, Opera makes the 99% daily browser share of a fast browser experience. Some sites don’t respond well… that’s another story.
    At home, I keep rotating among the other choices… except for IE. My daughter loves Opera on her laptop… my wife won’t consider anything but IE.
    In the iPad, I mostly use Opera.
    Love it since the days it fit in a single diskette !
    I always put Opera on friend’s systems when they ask to “fix” their computers.

    • Nightmare

      Change your wife please.

    • Ayesh

      “Fits in a diskette” reminds me a lot of scene from the past that we loved 500kb games, zipped documents and software….

  • Jaco

    I have been using Opera since around version 2 or 3, I switched from Netscape when Netscape 5 was released and it was buggy. Today I have IE, Avant, Chrome, Maxthon, Safari, Netscape, Lunascape, Mozilla (Firefox), and Opera. I use them all from time to time Opera still by far is my favorite.
    About the only issue I have with Opera is sometimes I have to use IE, Chrome, or Mozilla because someone has made a poorly written webpage.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Im using Opera for some years now and this is the best web browser. And thats it.
    I think if someone starts using Opera, must love it.
    I cant see one reason not it.
    Lots of my friens are using Opera now, because of my free advertise.
    Keep up the good work Opera devs.

  • 386cz

    And the uncopiable function “Fix to width” for small screen users.

    • Ayesh

      Unfortunately it’s copied in firefox.

      • 386cz

        Opera’s “Fix to width” resize each images and tables individually and calculate together to fit the window width but maintain texts size. And the other browsers are just zoom everything or resize only texts.

        But I also wondering that are there any add-ons can do like Opera?


  • Anibal

    I use Opera from version 9 aprox. and never, ever stopped using it. I have in my laptop, desktop, two phones and work PC and it rocks hard in all of them.

    I love it form the look and feel to speed and features. Only thing not perfect with it is compatibility with some sites, but that’s seems to be mostly because Opera sticks to standards and it’s very good doing it, can’t say the same for site developers…

    About new features not seen in other browsers yet (as far as I know) it’s tab stacking. Incredibly useful thing if you have about 20 tabs open all the time like me.

    Long life to Opera!

  • florencio

    for me opera is good! I used it for almos 2 years but even a single money i didnt spend for my facebook and yahoo, browsing is free charge.very nice……thanks opera!!!

  • Gastón

    True !

  • rashmitpal

    For me the ability to toggle between my last used tabs using ctrl+tab is best . I dont think any other browser has copied that yet. But this is what i miss on other browsers.

    • Ayesh

      Firefox has this.

      • shock

        FF does not care about last used tabs without extensions. It just jump to next one, not last used.
        And ofc every feature you can add to firefox if you code it yourself…

    • Alisator

      Even stupid IM messenger do. Like Chrome does ;-)

    • senja

      Mouse gesture: right click+scroll ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Александр-Демидов/100000167720713 Александр Демидов

        wah. I do not know – cool
        And more …
        Right click and move down and right (L) – close tab
        Right click and move down and up (I) – duplicate tab

  • OldDirtyPirate

    Opera is quite good, but not good enough! It has the best possible interface, it looks amazing, it has killer features, but it`s usability is close to nothing. I`ve used it for almost a decade, and i can truly say that i gave up on Opera. My thoughts on the end of our relationship were; if i have to have Firefox installed to browse the sites that i can`t browse with Opera, then i have no reason to have the Opera installed at all. Firefox has all the features through add-ons, so i really didn`t loose anything, and Firefox looks great if you customize it, and you can customize it way better then you can customize Opera. Even an Android version of Opera is always the second best solution. They have the great idea at first, but somebody does it better, and their solution works in every instance.

  • OldDirtyPirate

    One of you said “About the only issue I have with Opera is sometimes I have to use IE, Chrome, or Mozilla because someone has made a poorly written webpage.” But other browsers still manage to “get it” right, and you don` have to have backup options installed. And if you have to resort to IE, then you know that something ain`t right.

  • Muzani

    being using Opera for ages now, all are top notch while the other browsers are catching up vastly, the only Disappointed is How to SAVE Opera website to pdf file…..

  • Frank

    I used IE for a long time, but lost patience with it – just felt like they were making things worse so they could at some point make them better again and congratulate themselves for the achievement.
    With Opera, I have options! I got my links available no matter whether I use my PC or my phone. I can share giant files without uploading them to some site. I can open as many tabs as I want (fast!), and rearrange them freely. Anything too small or too big? I hover the mouse pointer over the zoom slider and turn the wheel. A webpage cluttered with obnoxious advertising? I check where it’s coming from and block it, for the page or everywhere – instant peace! If I liked the look of Opera’s email client any better I would use that too.
    Opera developers: if you’re reading this, think twice about removing features like Opera Link – they may not get daily use, but they are useful nonetheless. Remember, the Swiss pocketknives with more tools are more expensive, for a reason!

  • Laurijs

    I am using Opera (and only Opera) on desktop PC since 2002 and i love it. By far the best browser out there!

    Safari is second best, but not that good, Firefox is just stupid and overrated browser, Chrome looks like Opera, but baby edition. IE was so outdated and slow, but latest edition is quite good.

    Was using in mobile too, but now sadly I am stuck with IE9 in my Lumia, cause there is no Opera for Windows Phone 7 … yet :)

  • http://gplus.to/ariellabaston Ariella

    Opera keeps getting undermined by the world’s obsession with NOT following web standards. Most sites that don’t render properly on Opera today are because they are using proprietary stuff, or are explicitly blocking specific user agents to escape legal liability because their lazy or underfunded testing team was told “only test on webkit or IE proprietary browsers”. One of the more recent standards breakage by browsers other than Opera is webkit prefixing in CSS. Designers are telling their sites to use “webkit only implemented features”, features which are not approved as standards. Opera has always tried to build a free and standards based web, and no others can claim the same.

    GO OPERA! You have your head in the right place, ninja persistence and hearts of gold!

    • Ayesh

      Well I can tell that this is false.
      Even opera and ie has their own css3 prefixes and they works the way they should.
      I dint use webkit browsers for my daily browsing but i’m used to make the pages look same as firefox using webkit prefixes. When I don’t, I never forget ms and o prefixes.
      However I believe that this prefix war should end and all of them should start to support the standards.

    • yercodl

      You are right, Ariella .. But the matter is not the cause, but the effect. Users (including me) are disappointed while thinking that IE can render well a page but Opera can not. An idea is that maybe Opera could detect while a page is not in standard and try “to think” like IE; a button to report every page rendered wrong may help developers, surely the 2,2% Opera users will be glad to help. Btw, the first time I used Opera I was amazed for the speed on rendering compared to IE (about 15 years ago). Nowadays, with fast computers, speed is similar. Years after that, the mouse gestures was the best thing I have, so Opera continues being the fastest to me. Maybe new users get confused trying to learn all the movements, or maybe never discovered the feature at first test & discard. I suggest to show the basics just after installed, the ones I used everyday are: Page back, page forward, close page, open link in background, open new blank page. A great beginning for a newbi will be a demonstration videotutorial showing how fast is to do this everyday operation: open blank page, writing 3 words and press Enter, open the 5 first Google results in background, check every result and close it, all using mouse gestures take around 10 seconds, while using menus and buttons it takes around 1 minute. Other important reason may be that Windows users get IE included and never try other (old and technofobic people), Ubuntu users get Firefox by default, and Safari for Mac users. Is it possible to convince Ubuntu to put Opera instead? Cheers, from Sweden.

  • suneth

    used opera for the first time 13 years ago and never looked at another browser ever since

    i simply fall in love

  • Charles Reyner

    I love Opera & always have. Has so many useful features, I’ll let the others list them. And it continually gets better! Every time have to use Firefox or I.E. because some website or Google likes to give Opera a hard time, experience pure clunkiness until am done. Go, Opera!!!!

  • AMorris

    Opera is the best. The occasional site incompatibility is too minor and infrequent to make me switch browsers. Opera is highly customizable to those who take some time to search the forums and blogs on how to do so. I love being able to DL or create custom menu buttons and the built-in notes feature, as well as other features mentioned here.

  • marines

    It doesn’t matter who invented a feature for regular user but HOW WELL it is implemented in particular browser. Opera isn’t compatibile with Internet. Hopefully Facebook will change it.

    • JDiz

      Opera isn’t compatibile with Internet.
      Lol. This comment isn’t compatible with reality.

  • Enes

    Thanks for all those great features. I think the other browsers are just overrated. If the Internet Explorer is on top Opera is where it should be. I mean who the hell would think to integrate a Mail to a browser. Opera Turbo, Opera Unite. I think people who are able to use those features use this browser otherwise they use chrome: open it and browse, nothing else.

  • https://www.kumarsaroj379@gmail.com Saroj Kumar

    Opera App…. Is One On One most & Future Browser, I Like This….

  • Mark

    I recall Private Browsing was also in Opera before anything else. It’s also still today the best implementation, where you can have private and normal tabs in the same session.

    Opera’s marketshare is small, quite simply because it’s not got the money of Microsoft, Apple or Google behind it.

    However, it’s EASILLY the finest browser on the market today, faster than Chrome, more feature packed that all the others, and still only a 10MB download (1/4 the size of Chrome…). It’s right up there in HTML5 test compliance too.

  • http://www.taniaimarto.com Martin Boshev

    I am using Opera for ages now. Tried so many other browsers along the way, but somehow every one feels like a copycat next to Opera. That’s why I’m always back to the source.
    I am surprised Opera didn’t invent the Gestures, but still – it was included in the browser without the need of searching for plug-ins to add it.

  • http://barzda.info Martynas

    For coding websites purposes Chrome is my primary browser now, but outside my work, I use Opera since 2005.

  • Enoch

    Kindly add new themes to opera mini 7

  • Gectou4

    I really love Opera since couple of year… but I’m using Chrome a bit more recently… Opera get some lack of speed and stability and I hope it will be improved ! :)
    Using both browser is usefull in some case :)

    • zoki

      What I like the most is speed and small footprint. Strengths: Javascript performance, page loading time, gestures, small download size, small memory footprint, sleek look, user experience… I think most people try using opera for 30 seconds and they don’t like it. It’s like deciding you don’t like the city only seeing a railway station.

      I use IE, FF, Chrome and Opera daily (for testing). Chrome and Opera are the fastest. You can’t tell the difference, on the other hand, you can see (with eyes) that IE and specially FF simply suck. Try some javascript animations. If not suffering enough add some opacity or other non basic feature. How can’t you see this ?

      I have 40+ open tabs avr. (multiple instances) in opera and it’s working normally.

      And for people complaining about sites not working – web developers ignore Opera, they don’t even try to open a website. Do you imagine non trying site in IE or FF? And still 99.99% sites just work. You still have to use IE because of activex components some sites rely on :(

  • sysprv

    They’ve made some quirky decisions over the years too… like bundling a bittorrent client but no PDF viewer. I wonder if Opera listens too much to their active forum members. Must say that I have a grudge here too… The last time I suggested a lightweight PDF viewer in Opera, the reply was that that would be too much bloat (this was in some feature request forum). And guess which browser came out with a PDF viewer a few months later… Chrome.

    Opera is good at using C++ properly, and the footprint of unnecessary bits might be negligible. But still…

  • ZzZ

    “Four years later, in 1994, BookLink Technologies featured tabbed windows in its InternetWorks browser. … The tabbed interface approach was then followed by the Internet Explorer shell NetCaptor in 1997. These were followed by a number of others like IBrowse in 1999, and Opera in 2000 (with the release of version 4 – although a MDI interface was supported before then)”. — WIKI

    And Speed Dial? Why anyone needs that? I prefer bookmarks.

  • Aleksander Szenfeld

    The reasons are:
    1. NoScript
    2. Adblock Plus with EasyList

    Lack of above will keep Opera niche forever. And no – not poor implementations like now, bust fully featured addons.

    • Mark

      Opera isn’t inferior because it’s simply different to FF Adblock.

      Opera’s ace here, is that it will sync your blocklist using OperaLink, so you only actually need a minimal blocklist and block anything that gets past that, and it gets blocked everywhere else too.

      No more broken sites, because your adblocker is over aggressive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcoasilva.pt Marco

    Opera Rules!…why?
    It’s clean, polished, quick, has great looks, and you have to try it to believe it.
    Opera is my best friend when I connect to the WWW and it will stay that way, because it is the leader, and all of the rest of the browsers are the followers, I know that because I tried everything else before Opera, and once I tried this one it put a stop to my search for a good browser, it’s the best, and that’s my final verdict. Keep doing the nice job that you have done so far guys, I’m truly a satisfied customer ;-)

  • Julio Alonso

    While opera is not perfect it is the most complete internet browser available. The only problem in my opinion is that some sites do not work properly without small tweaking but still 99.9% of the sites do work just fine. For me it is about less than once a month I encounter a site which does not work with opera.

    The best part of opera is that it has the user interface so much better than other browsers. I did seriously try firefox and chrome at some point but overall so much basic stuff was missing that it was borderline frustrating experience. The endless search for various addons to get the experience to the basic acceptable level (when possible!) was not fun either when in opera everything works straight away.

    I’ve been using opera for over 10 years now and it has been enjoyable experience. You always get the new stuff first, the new stuff is always well done, you get the best user interface and usability first and you don’t need to spend any time at all to update addons and whatever to be able to update to newer versions. Despite trying very hard to like the other browsers I still can’t come up with even one good reasons why to change. If something better than opera did come up I’d switch instantly because I want the best web browser and I don’t care what brand of browser it is. So far opera has been best all the time for me.

  • Leo

    I think that the biggest problem of opera is support. There are many sites that don’t support opera, one of those sites is google docs. Maybe google is ignoring opera due the competition, once opera is one the best browsers available today.

  • Thomas

    The only browsers I will ever use are Opera and IE. The only reason I use Internet Explorer is because no other browser supports touch. And I have a tablet running Windows 8, so I need to use IE10 for touch. If Opera 12 does support touch, good bye forever IE. (Except for metro).

  • Karl

    Well, jut one feature that Opera lacks: access to the source code. There is none. All other major browsers (with exception of IE) is free as in ‘free speech’ while Opera is a mysterious BLOB that I refuse to install.

    • Ismael Miguel

      opera has 2 ways to see (and edit) source code:
      Opera Dragonfly and “Source code” (right click in the page)…
      with both of them, you can change the source code of a page and view it in real time (ex: when you have something that don’t allow you to click in the links below, you add to the style display:none; and you can navigate normally)

      • xyz

        I think he is talking about the source of opera itself., and I agree with him on this.

  • DrakoDrakkonis

    Starting with version 9, I am a devotee of Opera: It is my default browser on the system because no one like it is so fast to load web pages. It is a great visual pleasure surf the web with Opera!

    But the love that I have it does not let me blind to its annoying flaws: Its poor performance with virtual pdf printers is to quote it in “Believe it or not! by Ripley”, and with the version 11.64 the impossibility – in the last days and sometimes – to save mht pages of Support Microsoft , seemed to me a pharaonic curse

    I am also not consistent with its claims of being the safest browser: Not all the tracks cleared at the end of the session, to be sure of it you must use an application on purpose. And as for my privacy, strategic relationship of Google with Opera Portal makes me nervous, very nervous, and more because I can not to voluntarily establish what language and what content I want to have in this homepage. Being so the thing, I have had to change it to DuckDuckGo.

    I am not any financial guru to tell Opera Software ASA how to handle his business affairs. If Facebook is paying court to it, in good time, that is a good sign that Opera has prestige and is a great business for anyone! … but not for my private affairs … Sigh!

    Yes, I am just waiting that officially be confirmed the rumors of its entrepeneurship venture with Facebook to remove Opera Browser from my Old PC. What a pity, because the version 12 looks very nice!

    It is obvious that Firefox will replace in good shape its absence.

    Chrome…? Please, how is it possible this spybrowser have public!

  • johns

    Using 11.64 here and for example (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/935544) I try to save in .mht It works, not flawlessly but it does. Gray background, slow to load, offline obviously; it works.

    I recommend Opera to who ever I meet, Opera making deals with google, well.. it needs to make money, probably just blocking everything google, host file etc.. solves it, selling itself to Facebook, that I dont like. Releasing two versions of Opera, like Facebook browser, and normal Opera would be nice.

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  • Somebody

    Opera is my main browser.
    I use firefox only for bulk download, since it have good addons and good download manager integration.
    Opera just fail as download manager.

  • Delfas

    Opera since almost forever – it feels real odd using other browsers.

    The braindead bittorrent client will mindlessly download pieces it already has over and over; expect to use 5 GB bandwidth to download a 700MB movie :(((
    Lacks translation in place like Chrome, so I have to use Cr sometimes and then I feel real oDd ;))

    Overall score: Unbeatable !

  • http://www.f-blog.info FeRHaD

    But, when Opera was ad-supported and commercial product, you could surf the net for months without exiting Opera even once… But now, that’s far from stable even with stable called releases.

  • http://techbayworld.blogspot.com/ Manual Joseph

    Ya, my two favorite browsers are Firefox & Opera. I uses almost every browsers in my desktop and finds which suites for me best.

  • Tosiaki

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      {モ三三ヨ} コ |`コ 厶  厶{ {二二} ニニ >Vt<   コ | コ r'六  | | / / r┐rニt フ ハ {  A Cool Browser ヽ_ノ /─‐' ヽ_   |    (二Z
     厶イ」 Lノ└ーー、j U廴二、_j└’┘V Lソ

  • http://www.ramiro.org/ ramiro

    Some people may prefer Chromium or Firefox because they are open source.

    • Josh

      As I understand it, Opera is closed because of the amount of features. Imagine how many Opera derivatives there would be if it went open… I don’t even want to think about it.

  • dan

    opera is doing pretty well even sabotaged by some pages in google and microsoft sites it is better, but because it is closed source many non security bugs take months or years to get fixed or never fixed.

    A feature that I believe opera created and others copied:
    paste & go on right click of address bar

    • nordlyst

      Or, for power users, CTRL+SHIFT+V.

  • Rainamaker

    I have been using Opera ever since I first got broadband at home (opera 5 I think), and I remember using it in school before that. I have been rotating between browsers to see if the alternatives is better than Opera, and even though Firefox, Chrome… etc has some good features they always seem to be lacking something compared to Opera. Sure Opera might not be the most fancy looking browser out there, but its design is timeless witch is exactly what we all should be looking for. I also really love how all the features seem to be sown in to the browser compared to how it is in other browsers where every new function seems to be a module added to the browser (if that was unclear, think of the browser as a cube and other browsers having a bunch of smaller cubes hanging on to the big one where opera has everyone of these cubes inside the big cube instead; Bad analogy I know but it explains what I feel is the difference between opera and other browsers.)

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  • Ricky

    Opera 12. Windows 2000.

    Problem is, the new themes in Opera 12 do not seamlessly integrate into the rest of the UI like Firefox.

    Probably broken in all 5.x versions of Windows NT. (2000/XP/2003)

    Other than that, still the best browser.

  • Nobeja

    I think that Opera should add calendar, and maybe than will be more accepted.
    But with or without calendar, Opera is the best browser for now on the market.

    PS. Opera should add Business tab on Contacts properties.

  • neniakitram

    I really like Opera, I find it simple and easy to use. I really have no desire to go back to IE or start using Firefox or Safari (barf!). Occasionally my browser freezes up and I have to restart the session but meh… On my Nokia N8, Opera has been my savior for web browsing! Keep up the great work boys and girls and I hope you resolve the freezing up soon.

  • Arcy Kay

    One day, I closed Opera and found out there was an operating system underneath it.
    Of course, I asked the Opera Developers why that was there.
    I am still awaiting a reply.
    Thank you for acknowledging this fine desktop application.

  • http://operaminiwabbrawser buubaal20

    like to set up my account to access my data to get instull android apps to get inernite full

  • peter

    and i guess opera too come up with putting all option just in one tap called opera i guess then firefox copy that after tht, i have been using opera since 7 years , and i don’t know why people don’t use it frankly, and all of these invention is just known by opera users not everyone, try to advertise to these features you will get a huge feedback

  • Perkop

    I’ve been using Opera since 1999 or 2000. I would add the Torrent client to the list.

  • http://twitter.com/teresa_nxs Teresa Ni

    opera is the BEST. Firefox always freezes for me, and Chrome takes up way too much space on my computer. Safari has a very clean design, but is sort of too plain for my taste. Opera is perfect. It has all the features you could wish for, and a clean and tasteful design. It almost never freezes, and is very fast. The only issue for me has been that for some reason, Opera does not display the Toronto Public Library website “Your Account” page properly. The page loads, but when you click on “Check-Outs” or “Holds”, nothing happens. I use Firefox for checking my library book check-outs. But other than that Opera’s great. I have used all four Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and Opera has given the best performance for me, hands down.

  • DBCooper1971

    I’ve used Opera for at least 10 years. I’ve also used Firefox, IE, Netscape (back in the day), Chrome, Chromium, Ice Weasel and some others. Opera, for me, has always been the best.

    And, let’s face it, one reason it is so good, IMHO, is that a bunch of marketing dickheads and investment bankers (also dickheads, of course) didn’t gain control and turn it into the latest iteration of “dare to be the same” (extra points if anyone can site the source of that quote).

    Keep up the good work. If Facebook buys Opera, . . . well, it was nice knowing ya . . . .

  • http://www.facebook.com/lzadorina Liza Zadorina

    I use Opera for almost 10 years and this is my Fav browser ever. Also I would add the “mouse gesture”! This feature is the greatest one! It’s so easy to operate with the tabs and close or create new ones. When I was in need to use another browser without this function I noticed that I’m still trying to draw gestures:)) And opera also stylish and comfortable to use browser!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sok-El/100000938058410 Sok El

    opera is the most inovating browser by far

  • EKY

    All features I’ve tested since I have internet and Opera the best browser ever

  • yoyos

    maybe just opera is too much ahead of the era …

  • odzk

    There is one dept that despite all the features opera lacks. “STABILITY”

  • JJ

    Opera costs no money, but it is not free. That is why it has failed to win and will continue to fail.

    • rebel28

      In what way do you mean “it is not free”?

  • rebel28

    I’ve been using Opera for a few years now.

    I’ve also learnt to design websites the past year, so I have to test my websites on all browsers.

    In terms of cross-compatibility, I had two major issues with Google Chrome and Firefox that took a few weeks to fix, and one problem with Opera that took a day or so.
    Don’t even get me started on IE.

    Opera is my main browser, it does everything I want it to, and I’m not even aware that pop-ups exist ;)
    Whenever I switch to Chrome (when I run into a website that doesn’t support Opera) I get so many pop-ups, and there’s no built in content blocking system, let alone ad blocking.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lastone1968 LA Stone

    I can tell you why I don’t use Opera. Because it doesn’t support some of the latest stuff such as social media forums on various sites, and doesn’t support some of the security/login stuff either. I really like Opera. I like the way it looks and I like the features, but it’s not use if I keep coming across sites that aren’t supported properly. I’ve reported it for the last few years to Opera every time I uninstall Opera but Opera seems unwilling or unable to deal with these problems.

    On a positive note, there’s one killer feature that makes Opera my number 1 favorite mobile phone browser (even though it suffers from the same problems as the desktop browser). Text Reflow. It’s amazing that every other browser doesn’t do this. No matter how you zoom the text in Opera, it never goes off the screen. You can make the text any size and it just reflows and stays within the boundaries of the screen. Opera just needs to get up to speed on supporting every technology being implemented in websites these days.

  • me

    Chrome and IE are heavily advertised – but only that. You will see that G+ works completely only in Chrome, and Microsoft still binds all of their services to IE.
    But – nothing compares to Opera.
    I recommend Opera to everybody. And whoever tries Opera – stays with Opera.

  • Mate

    I have yet to discover some disadvantage in Opera compared to other browsers. Or i should’ve said i have yet to discover some advantage in other browsers compared to Opera. Thanks Opera team.

  • Nick

    Many years ago (I remember version 7.10), when Internet access in Russia very slow and expensive, Opera Browser helped me to save internet traffic. Opera has a toolbar, which has a button, which can switch on/off all images on the page in one click. Amazing feature!
    Besides, Opera is very good-looking, fast and useful product.

  • http://twitter.com/yfyuan Alex Yuan

    The only complaint I have towards Opera is CJK input under Linux. I had to modify the startup script to make it work on Fedora. On Ubuntu I had yet succeeded. I am not sure how well other non-Latin/Roman languages are supported, but CJK population in East Asia constitutes a sizable portion of the whole population in the world.

  • LoSmilzo

    And the labels in Opera Mail? Now Google use it like a innovation but the first, AFAIK was Opera.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1553246049 Ian Williams

    I already use Opera as my browser of choice.
    Not only is it innovative, it’s also the fastest browser out there as far as I can tell.
    Chrome claims to be fast….but I reckon Opera is still faster…..

  • LazuliteLiamz

    I’ve been using Opera for years, they are definitely the most innovative.
    While my friends boast about their new features on other browsers, I’ve been using it on Opera for some time.
    I first fall in love with Opera due to its simplistic feel. Then I figured out their innovative features and immediately make Opera my default browser.
    I still use other browsers once in a while, but Opera is definitely my main :)

  • FirefoxAndOpera

    I love the way Opera implemented private browsing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rbok6 Rbok Six

    I believe Opera was also the firs to introduce “Smooth Scrolling”. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Gilu

    opera’s free now? huh?!
    i remember when i had to pay for it and since then only use opera on my htc…

  • Drew Mills

    Since Mountain Lion came out, I’ve been struggling to find a good browser that will work. Safari (the supposed king on Mac) just crashes too much. Chrome and Firefox are both waaaaay too hoggy with the memory.

    I’m trying out Opera/Mac right now. Hoping it’s all awesomeness.

  • GenPublic

    I love Opera. I’ve been using it before speed dial. It’s light and fast and quite secure. Still, compared to the others. It’s my goto browser for 95% of what I do on the net. But I’m no developer or even particularly savvy about extensions and widgets and whatnot. And there in lies Opera’s problem. More than once I’ve been on their community page and seen typical users concerns brushed off by power user/developers as ‘not being able to open the hood’. If Opera EVER wants more than a minuscule slice of the browser user pie; then it needs to get PAST that engineer’s hubris that the public’s not smart enough to use their product. Not everybody is a car mechanic either; but it doesn’t stop us from driving. Some better than others of course, but the point of owning a car (for the MAJORITY of us-note that word:MAJORITY) is not in turning wrenches ‘under the hood’ . It’s about getting from point A to point B; quickly, cleanly, comfortably, and with a minimum of fuss. As recent RL events have taught us: the economy is too important to be left in the hands of bankers. They do what’s best for them. So too is software development too important to be left in the hands of code writers. Next release they need to run their #1 Beta option past the secretary at the front desk and the janitor. REAL PEOPLE, REAL USERS. IMO, what Opera needs is a ‘universal’ adjustment slider or scale where you just dial up or down the amount of customizability you want on your dashboard-to preset choice levels. As it is, Opera’s like a sports car when what you need is minivan. It’s got way more capability than 80% of us will ever need. We’re too busy earning a living and paying the mortgage.

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