VPS Review: DigitalOcean

I usually don’t review VPS or hosting services, they stopped becoming a novelty a long time ago. But DigitalOcean is a bit different and I only started using them little over a month ago. You see I have tried quite a few hosting solutions in the last 12 years or so. I started out with […]

Why I don’t think Flickr’s 1TB storage offer is such a big deal

Like everyone else my first reaction to Flickr’s new storage plan was jaw-dropping happiness. Flickr was not only the first web service that I actually paid for, but I also spent an insane amount of time uploading, organizing my collection of images. Flickr used to be awesome until Yahoo stopped working on it. I recently […]

10 Must Have Sublime Text Packages and Themes

Since its initial release Sublime Text has quickly become the text editor of choice for many coders. I only recently started using ST and I am already in love with it, so much so that I exclusively use ST for all my text editing tasks not only coding. Apart from speed issues, which I have […]

First Look into Firefox OS

Firefox OS is an open-source and free mobile OS concept by Mozilla based on the idea that the OS and apps can be built using open standards like HTML5 and javascript. It is currently under heavy development and there is a planned official commercial release in 2013. Things you should know about Firefox OS:

5 features Opera Browser did first

With all the recent rumors about Facebook buying Opera it might be hard for non-opera users to understand why Opera might be valuable enough product for Facebook to consider buying. Well, for starters Opera Mini is still the numero uno mobile browser out there. Probably it won’t stay there for long as it has some […]

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