Why I don’t think Flickr’s 1TB storage offer is such a big deal

Published in: Reviews

Like everyone else my first reaction to Flickr’s new storage plan was jaw-dropping happiness. Flickr was not only the first web service that I actually paid for, but I also spent an insane amount of time uploading, organizing my collection of images. Flickr used to be awesome until Yahoo stopped working on it. I recently looked at the Google+ image storage/backup service and I think it is much much better than Flickr, at least for me. Here is why:

Don’t get me wrong, I am anything but a Google fanboy. But when it comes to polish and feature set and the reality of uploading a large number of photos online, I honestly think Google+ is way ahead of the pack, perhaps Facebook can be considered a second-best option. Flickr, being the only other Image backup service I have used, comes in third for me. I hope Yahoo continues to refine Flickr and doesn’t wait another 5 years for feature bump and I also hope that Yahoo, under Mayer’s leadership, becomes a serious challenge to the present 3-4 tech behemoth. Yahoo may have shown some early glimpse of change in direction but this was not the defining “It” factor I was hoping for. As a matter of fact, the biggest take away from Flickr update was not the storage bump, but that it actually did something new.

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