HowTo Setup a VPN in Under 5 Minutes

I don’t like the idea of relying on VPN specific services for your VPN needs. I think if you do care about your privacy you should self-host it; considering how cheap VPN servers are these day and how easy setting up a VPN server is. LowEndServers have many options and so many locations that you […]

Self-Host Everything

In today’s world, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about your privacy and your data. We live in a time when the government is fighting to have unrestricted access to your digital life. You no longer have privacy or even exclusive rights to your own data, if you are using a free platform, doubly […]

How To Make Your Browser Use Less Memory

Modern browsers are ruthlessly fast, feature-rich, extendable, and memory hungry. There was a time when Firefox’s huge collection of browser extensions was its major selling point but soon it turned out to be the bane of its existence. Firefox not only poorly handled memory-hungry extensions (including annoying restarts after extension install and upgrades) but FF […]

How to get Google Apps For Free

Google recently discontinued the free basic Google Apps for Business offer. Existing customer can keep their accounts but new users are, at least officially, not allowed to have a free account. However, you can continue to use the existing account you already have. Not sure if it’s intentional or an oversight, but they’re still exists […]

Using Crafty Chess Engine to Benchmark Your Hardware

There was a time when I was really involved with the computer chess community. I used to organize off-line and online computer chess tournaments. Try all the new free or commercial chess engines out there. I was so involved with the community that commercial chess engine authors from ChessBase (one of the largest, if not […]

How to Emulate Android on Your Desktop Using Android SDK

The purpose of Android SDK is to allow android app developers to build and test their apps in a virtual environment. You can use the android emulator feature on SDK to test your app on different screen size, Android version, and Android device. This allows developers to test their apps without actually buying an android […]

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