How to Unban Yourself from Denyhosts and fail2ban

One of the first things I do when configuring a Linux server is to install denyhosts or fail2ban to safeguard my server from an automated login attack by script kiddies on known SSH ports. Of course, you should absolutely change your default SSH port to something else to prevent some script attacks. denyhosts and fail2ban […]

How to be completely Anonymous online

This is what happens when you visit It informs three other websites of your presence. This is not something I consciously and intentionally did to track you down and record all your steps and every little click you make. This is the result of having a mid-level, somewhat functional, website. Yes I could remove […]

Reset Linux Root password in under 5 minutes

If you are horrified to find out how easy it is to reset a Windows password you are in for a treat. To reset Linux root password you don’t even need a live distro. Going with “if you have physical access to a computer all bets are off“ philosophy. Resetting the Linux root password is […]

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