Everything You Need To Know About Low End Box

During my freelance sysadmin days, my biggest annoyance was clients renting really high-end dedicated servers for sites that were serving a measly few thousand users a month. To call these servers an overkill would be an understatement. My first instinct was to try to explain to my clients how much of a waste of resources […]

In 2013 “Year of Linux Desktop” Will Stop Being a Cliché

You have probably read it a thousand times how year X will the year of the Linux desktop, only to know deep down that this will be repeated next year by some tech blog/pundit with some news on how awesome Linux is doing in the desktop market because of some obscure government program of buying […]

What It’s Like To Be An Ubuntu User In The Linux world

I really wish tech blogs would stop promoting Ubuntu. How about Debian proper or any other distro that hasn’t bastardized and broken so much of Debian. If you ever write anything positive about Ubuntu or even mention using Ubuntu this is the type of reply you are likely to get. I have used quite a […]

Explain to me like I am 10: What is Linux?

The word “Linux” can be used to explain two things, both meanings are widely used. Its original meaning was used to define Linux as the Brain of an operating system, also known as the kernel, over the years to make things easier to understand people started calling operating system with Linux “brain” as Linux Operating […]

12 Interesting Penetration Testing Linux Distros

Penetration Testing Linux distros are a group of special purpose Linux distros used for analyzing and evaluating security measures of a target. These kinds of distributions are usually live-cd or USB drive-based, but the newer ones have the ability to be installed as a standalone Linux distribution on your computer. The main users of pen-test […]

10 Special Purpose Linux Distributions

The beauty of Linux Distribution is that it can be customized to do almost anything you want. As long as you have the time and the desire to do it. Many popular Linux Distributions today was a result of individuals or group of people who were dissatisfied with the current options available. Let’s look at […]

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