There is still time to save online advertisement

Even though I have Ads on this blog, I have absolute disgust towards online ads in general, in its current form. I wish there was a middle ground where online content could be monetized without compromising reading experience, getting malware through ads, having slow browsing speed, and fear of being tracked all the time. It’s […]

Starting an ISP is really hard, don’t do it

After reading Arstechnica’s excellent article on internet infrastructure and what goes on behind the scene to bring the internet to your home, I have a newfound respect for all the ISPs I have used in the past and the ISP business I am running now. Most of the stuff mentioned in the Ars article is […]

Speed up your Ubuntu updates with apt-fast

As far as package manager goes apt-get is perhaps the most popular and well-liked package managers out there. One of the reasons Debian and Debian based distributions are so popular is because how ridiculous convenient the package management is. Having said that speed probably not one of the bright spots of apt-get. It’s mostly because […]

How to sleep in a digital world

It’s bad enough that I am a light sleeper. A small noise or a change in temperature can often wake me up and it can be very difficult for me to go back to sleep. I know some people who can just lie on the bed and easily fall asleep in a matter of minutes. […]

CloudFlare is ruining the internet (for me)

Follow up: Cloudflare: Making the internet a little bit faster – for a select group of people CloudFlare is a very helpful service if you are a website owner and don’t want to deal with separate services for CDN, DNS, basic DDOS protection and other (superficial) security needs. You can have all these services in […]

How to enable TRIM support for Hackintosh

I recently did a Hackintosh build after fiddling with the idea for more than 3-4 years. I don’t know why but for some reason I always thought Hackintosh builds are a huge project with many different parts that could go horribly wrong and in the worst possible case I will end up with a new […]

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