How To Prevent a Specific Ubuntu Package From Updating

Sometimes a newer version of popular packages may no longer support older config options. So either you have to painstakingly port all the old config options to the new ones, or hold off on updating the applications at all. One way to do it would be to only upgrade the packages that you do want […]

Remote Desktop with SSH Tunneling

One of my client’s requirement is to have a Ubuntu server with a Desktop Environment. Once in a while, he will call me up to look at some problems he is having with one of his GUI based applications. It’s not always possible for me to physically be there to see what the problem is, […]

5 Reasons Why I Think Ubuntu Edge is a Brilliant Move

As of this writing, Ubuntu Edge funding have reached $5.6M out of their audacious $32M goal. If they reach their funding goal, it will be the single largest crowdfunded product yet. Its been a little over 2 days since Ubuntu launched their funding campaign and it still too early to tell if they can reach […]

6 of My Favorite Geeky Sub-Reddits

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Reddit and I keep telling myself that the time spent on Reddit is not wasted since I am learning something new almost every day. See, your experience with Reddit with wildly differ depending on the sub-reedits you are subscribed to. If you stick with the default subreddits, […]

PRISM: We are fighting the wrong battle.

After a month’s worth of prism related revelations and discussions, something just clicked inside me and I realized that we are fighting the wrong battle by trying to take extraordinary measures in an effort to protect our data. We are fighting against an all-powerful organization that: has a virtually unlimited fund employs some of the […]

How to use the internet in a post-prism world

How does a typical person use the internet? Either you live in the Googleverse, where you use the best search engine in the world to search for everything that is important and personal to you, most likely while being logged in to your google account so that you get a more curated and intelligent search […]

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